The impact of western culture is leading to degeneration of indian social structure

Growth of Scientific Spirit of Research: But there are divergent views on the economic impact of globalization. Bhatnagar in the sphere of chemical science were notable. This line of thought has since been disputed and disproved.

The global climate change along with extinction of many species can be attributed to the 7 globalization to a great extent. Transport broke down caste restrictions. Modem musical compositions adopted Western techniques.

Weber regarded religious ideas as important contributors to economic development or stagnation; according to his controversial thesis, the individualistic ethic of Christianity, and in particular Calvinismpartially explains the rise of the capitalist spirit, which led to economic dynamism in the West.

Scientists of today have become selfish and are running after fame and wealth. Revived interest in long-term social change was sparked by attempts to explain the gaps between rich and poor countries. Impact of Western Culture in India The culture of India has been shaped by its long history, unique geography, diverse demographics and the absorption of customs, traditions and ideas from some of its neighbors as well as by preserving its ancient heritages, which were formed during the Indus Valley Civilization and evolved further during the Vedic age, rise and decline of Buddhism, Golden age, Muslim conquests and European colonization.

Impact Of Western Culture On India

Intellectually indifferent, spiritually subdued and psychologically weak at that time, India had to adopt with the British authorities. Impact of Western Culture in India and vice-versa in Western countries is impeccable.

According to Held and McGrew there are three main schools of thought in globalization research. In this information age people are too busy to care for others. In the India, commitment is more closely tied to intimacy. A prominent theory of the business cycle is that of the Soviet economist Nikolay D.

Because any nation will have a single tradition and culture but we are the nation with diverse traditions and multi cultures. One reason why deterministic or reductionist theories are often disproved is that the method for explaining the processes is not autonomous but must itself be explained.

The originality of the Marxian theory of social development lay in its combination of dialectics and gradualism. He advised people not to be influenced by religions like Islam and Christianity but to return to the pure teachings of the Vedas where lies the essence of Indian culture.

Indian counterparts face a bigger challenge of retaining the best talent. Anyhow Alan L Mittlemancomprehend the definition of globalization under three aspects; First, as an intensification of global flow of goods and production factors facilitated by modern 2 transportation and communication.

Impact of Western Culture on India

The faiths are often called western religions to distinguish them from the eastern religions practiced primarily in Asia. Globalization has resulted in a rapid growth of social relations and social organizations on the internet.

India is a nation with a unique identity among the world nations. Customers now have a world of knowledge at their disposal from product and service pricing to end user reviews. But also has major impacts on the socio- political- economic and cultural realms of life by diminishing the role of state, challenging the unique culture of every society, attacking the social structures, much diversity in the global society etc.

Shorter-term cyclic changes are explained by comparable mechanisms. The multiplicity of governmental functions gave rise to an organised bureaucracy which eclipsed the self-governing village Panchayats.

Westerners do not take their work as personally as Indians tend to. The inflow of Western capital, development of a modem banking and communication system, the establishment of textile, jute, sugar, cement, glass and other factories led to rapid industrialization in India which brought modem industries into existence.

A similar perspective was lacking in all other types of early art, be that Chinese or Japanese, Indian, Mesoamerican, African or Middle Eastern.

Majority of education includes works of western people except local language and social studies. These days many Indian companies have bases abroad. The latter concept has come to be known by the term acculturation.

Further, he was instrumental in bringing the telegraph system in India All these modem systems of transport and communication, all in a sudden, took India to a modem world. Search of new markets and source of wealth polished by industrial revolution lead to the establishment of international commodity markets and mercantilist trade.But also has major impacts on the socio- political- economic and cultural realms of life by diminishing the role of state, challenging the unique culture of every society, attacking the social structures, much diversity in the global society etc.

Essay on the impact of western culture on India Civilizations do meet and even merge but never has such an impact been witnessed as the impact of the west on India. This indicates a full and complete degeneration of Indian culture and its total merger with the culture of the west.

Due to globalization the rich culture of India is. Bayt al-hikma or The House of Wisdom was a scientific institution founded in Baghdad by the caliph al-Ma'mun.

Its principal activity was the translation of philosophical and scientific works from the Greek originals which, according to tradition, a delegation sent by. The Western impact produced radical and lasting changes in Indian society and culture. The new technologies, institutions, knowledge, values and temper which the British people had brought with them, transformed the Indian society and culture a lot.

Due to Western impact, India was more progressive in out-look and attitude. Clashes between European and American Indian social and economic values caused changes in both cultures. A. Continuing contact with Europeans increased the flow of trade goods and diseases into and out of native communities, stimulating cultural and demographic changes.

This new view represents a dynamic view of culture, leading towards the emergence of a globalised business environment (Bird and Stevens, ). Following In social psychology research, it has long been that enables us to understand when the impact of culture on interactions is reduced.

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The impact of western culture is leading to degeneration of indian social structure
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