How to write a feature story for yearbook cover

In contrast, this would not include items like the need to register for national exams, something that is more relevant for a publication put out more frequently, like a school newspaper. Doing so can make a story better, as it allows the source to speak freely without fear of repercussions.

Mix profiles, collages, awards and articles on the same page. Make clear roles and responsibilities. The plagiarism checker from Grammarly is an easy one to use. Kevin Nicholson in his home office in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

Look past bias Every editor, despite their best intentions, will harbor some kind of bias, and every writer will too. He says he voted for Bush in ; yet he registered as a Democrat when he moved to North Carolina in Perhaps most importantly, opt for strong verbs rather than an excess of adjectives.

The editorial team chooses questions for members to answer such as "Favourite teacher? This sentence falls flat, because the fans are acting upon the subject the team.

Master the craft of news writing. Yearbook captions are the most read copy and should be included with every yearbook photo. People seniors, underclassmen, faculty [ edit ] In the U.

India[ edit ] India does not have a long history of publishing school yearbooks.

School Yearbook Covers

Reviewing the text with him by phone from Minnesota, Roos went ballistic when she heard the line and demanded Nicholson remove it. It also creates ownership. Most important is the support Nicholson won before entering the race: Give It Some Voice Quotes and testimonials from students, parents, faculty and staff are great ways to bring both personality and personal meaning to your yearbook stories.

Let Stories Evolve Sometimes, finding the real heart of the story is difficult to do. Cut out unnecessary words. For those who need a refresher, active voice is when the subject of a sentence is doing the action, while passive voice is when the subject of a sentence is being acted upon.

Add subheads to divide stories into sections. If a student journalist has an intuitive storytelling sense, this will lead to much more interesting and compelling stories.

Frequently, seniors are polled to nominate their classmates for "superlatives" or "class celebrities" such as "most likely to succeed", "most athletic", "most spirited", "best smile", and "class clown"are often published in the senior section.

Make sure quotes are adequately representative of what the interviewee said. The cynical view is essentially that Nicholson has wanted to be president since he was a teenager and has few core convictions; that he saw the demographic winds shift during his time in D.

Nigeria[ edit ] In Nigeria, it is very common to find yearbooks in schools as it is in countries such as the US and Canada, though there are a number of schools that allocate annual funding and publish yearbooks at the end of the school year July or August.

This is where the writer will delve deeper into the details of the story, according to the sequence of events or the logical flow of the issues at hand. For instance, this might include a feature of a big new event at the school, like the launch of a school-wide organic garden to supply the cafeteria.

As such, readers will want to know who did what this year.

School Yearbook Writing

This is typically created by the final year students of the batch. These portraits often go into the school yearbook, which are usually distributed at the end of the school year. To do this, take a page out of both traditional news writing and online journalism i.

It will also ensure student journalists are preparing intelligent, relevant questions — questions they may have been pondering themselves anyway — that the subject will organically be compelled to answer.

However, it can also put a story at risk for the very same reason, as a source can feel free to slander. There will be moments of high stress as deadlines approach, and scrambling when a journalist is sick for a big event and needs someone to cover for them.

Liz Brookfield Community School If we ever needed help you were always there through the chat or over the phone, helping us complete pages. Before interviewing, gather as much background information as possible.

Talk to a teacher about how her students changed over the year. Power Up Your Headline A strong headline can make or break your yearbook story.

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Putting together a yearbook requires tight teamwork.The Friday Cover. The Friday Cover is POLITICO Magazine's email of the week's best, delivered to your inbox every Friday morning. “Rather, it should tell the story of students.

In the process, the topics get covered.” The list of story ideas on this page will help editors start brainstorming for coverage unique to their school and the current year. TreeRing yearbook for yourself. OMG! I just got my yearbook printed proof delivered, and it's amazing!

Beautiful paper and cover. Can't wait to share it with my team.

How to Write a Yearbook Story

I'm so happy!”. Looking for fun yearbook page ideas? Get each person in the group to write a short piece of text about either their favourite memory together or about one of the people in their group of friends. 3. This is also a great idea for your yearbook’s front cover. 6. Missing photos of your school building?

Or around your school? You may. ü Use the interview to write a feature news story that highlights this person. Use your journalism skills to add quotations and write an effective copy that can be used in the yearbook. Use your journalism skills to add quotations and write an effective copy that can be used in the yearbook.

Creating yearbook stories to be read Written by John Langley Student leaders at summer yearbook workshops struggle with how to get their staffs to write quality copy.

How to write a feature story for yearbook cover
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